2024-05-21 Product news

Circular Economy Accelerator program reveals promising pilot results with 16 BC businesses

The Circular Economy Accelerator program, pioneered by the Synergy Foundation in British Columbia, has shown promising results in its pilot phase. 16 businesses have successfully implemented circular solutions that diverted waste from landfills, reduced emissions, and conserved water.

Building on this success, the foundation aims to expand the program to accommodate up to 85 businesses from Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast over the next two years. By positioning participating businesses as leaders in the circular economy, the program not only fosters sustainability but also promises economic benefits such as increased revenue and enhanced community resilience.


“Witnessing the power of collaboration and effective partnerships has been truly inspiring,” announced Georgia Lavender, Synergy Foundation’s director of program operations, in a statement. “The program’s ripple effect extends beyond the participants, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of circularity.”


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Circular Economy Accelerator program reveals pilot results of guiding 16 BC businesses

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