2024-04-02 Product news

A Call for Canadian Mining and Metals Companies to Lead

Theo Yameogo, a leader at EY Americas and Canada Mining & Metals, continues to advocate for Canadian mining and metals companies to take charge of the global energy transition rather than merely reacting to it, with an emphasis on the pivotal role these companies can play in spearheading the transition, citing the importance of decisive actions amidst uncertainties and evolving risks.

Yameogo highlights the interconnected nature of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, alongside geopolitical and cyber threats, urging for an integrated approach to address them. He suggests strategies including embracing interconnected thinking, empowering the workforce, and enhancing stakeholder engagement to navigate through volatile times effectively. Yameogo concludes by urging the Canadian mining and metals industry to lead the energy transition proactively, asserting that they are well-positioned to do so based on their capabilities and influence.

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