2023-06-06 Product news

Québec-based Entosystem opens North America’s largest insect plant

The fully automated industrial system within the plant allows Entosystem to reuse 90,000 tons of organic matter annually, producing 5,000 tons of protein-rich larvae and 15,000 tons of organic fertilizer for use in farming.

The facility uses a patented process to rear black soldier fly larvae by feeding them with organic materials recovered from farms and grocery stores. The larvae are then rendered into a protein feed for domestic and farm animals. 


“Inaugurating our plant today represents the outcome of such a successful collaboration with committed business partners and, above all, the commitment of a fantastic team, without whom Entosystem would not have been able to position so quickly as a leader in its sector. We have everything we need to achieve success in Québec and to prepare for our growth,” said Cédric Provost, president and co-founder, Entosystem.


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