2023-11-28 Product news

How Canada can seize the global plant-based protein opportunity

The Plant-based food scene continues to rise in popularity, with sales predicted to hit a massive $250 billion by 2035.

Technology and research are making strides, and Food Scientists are working tirelessly to build understanding and trust with food manufacturers. Much of that is in large thanks to Protein Industries in Canada, an industry-led, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to invest collaboratively to accelerate innovation and the competitiveness of the Canadian plant protein sector. 


There’s still a lot of work ahead, but with the rise in plant-based protein, there are plenty of opportunities for Canadian meat-alternative manufacturers.


“Making food manufacturers and consumers aware that these alternatives exist, giving them confidence that the technical research has been done, and that there will be a reliable supply will be key.” Bill Greuel, CEO, Protein Industries Canada 


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At Alfa Laval, we provide equipment and systems that enable you to source edible protein from a wide selection of vegetable crops and a choice of processing set-ups to suit your needs. 

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How Canada can seize the global plant-based protein opportunity

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