2023-06-20 Product news

Global Steel Climate Council releases global standard to measure and report carbon emissions

The Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC) has released a draft of The Steel Climate Standard, a global standard for measuring and reporting carbon emissions in the steel industry.

The standard aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.


The standard includes product certification criteria and a corporate-wide target-setting framework based on a 1.5-degree glide path. It also aligns with the International Energy Agency's carbon budget for the iron and steel sector, targeting net-zero emissions by 2050. It aims to guide the steel industry toward a low-emission future, supporting the transition to a greener economy.


“Steel will also contribute to the transition to a greener economy with the production of electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar arrays and other clean technology products. The GSCC standard offers a clear future for steel in a decarbonized economy and aims to achieve the lowest overall emissions from the sector by 2050,” said Franc Cardona, Head of Public Affairs, CELSA Group and GSCC Board member.


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