2023-10-20 Product news

Addressing industrial wastewater management strategies

Wastewater management is an essential component of running a commercial or industrial enterprise.

Government regulations require the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from industrial sewage. Management includes the treatment of effluent before the water is discharged back into the land or water supply or reused in commercial operations.


As a result, companies must invest the appropriate resources in their waste management.


"Most customers are either assessing their water footprint or have already done so," says Nish Patel, EVP & President, Food & Water Division. "They rely on water for cleaning and cooling. If they are operating in water-intensive industries, they rely on it as an ingredient. And they rely on being able to treat wastewater and, if possible, reuse it into their processing line."


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At Alfa Laval, we're helping plants realize new ways to utilize and manage their industrial wastewater.


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