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2022-05-17 Product news by Steven A. Scutaru

Ontario utilities are closer to building SMR nuclear project

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is renewing Ontario Power Generation’s license for a project eventually building a small modular reactor at its Darlington site.

This article is related to Canada’s energy and nuclear sectors. Alfa Laval’s heat transfer units and wastewater separators are used to reduce water and carbon footprints for heavy process operations across Canada.

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“…The 10-year license allows OPG to do work aimed at preparing the site for construction of a future SMR nuclear plant, called the Darlington New Nuclear Project. Darlington (pictured) also is the site of a current, massive-scale nuclear power plant…

…The provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Alberta have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the advancement of SMRs as a clean energy option to address climate change and regional energy demands, while supporting economic growth and innovation...”


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