2021-09-13 Product news

Waterloo Brewing sponsoring its 4th Oktoberfest event Koolhaus

Waterloo Brewing announced that it would be sponsoring the Bingemans Oktoberfest Koolhaus in its fourth year running.

This article is related to Canada’s beverage industry. Alfa Laval's Heat Transfer, Separation and Hygienic Fluid Handling products are used by brewers, pharmaceutic manufacturers and food manufacturers across Canada.

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“…KITCHENER — Oktoberfest sums up the very best of what beer culture is all about,” Mark Bingeman, President of Bingemans said. “We have been in times where we could all do with more cheer and I can’t wait to clink glasses with our community, and with our partners, Waterloo Brewing, to celebrate at the Bingemans Oktoberfest Kool Haus Festbier Garten.”

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