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Two new Prince George biofuel waste diversion projects

A pair of proposed biomass and biofuel plants are being considered for the city of Prince George in British Columbia.

This interesting article is about the Canadian pulp and paper and chemicals manufacturing industries. Alfa Laval separation centrifuges and heat transfer systems help operators reuse and reduces energy costs as well as reduce harmful emissions.



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“…Canfor, Canfor Pulp and Paper and Licella, an Australian company, are behind a joint venture called Arbios Biotech which would use post-consumer biomass to produce advanced biofuels…


Arbios is also working on integrating its technology with a Nova Scotia-based company called Sustane that has developed a new recycling process for municipal waste that diverts waste from landfills and transforms it into clean fuel products and recyclable materials.


…Sustane would produce biomass fuel from recovered municipal waste and deliver it to Arbios who would then use it as feedstock for producing biofuels.


Nicholl says Arbios technology can process a wide range of feedstocks including wood-based residues and Sustane’s biogenic pellets and the carbon intensity of Arbios biofuel is 70 to 80 per cent less than fossil-fuel-based gasoline and diesel…


…this would reduce greenhouse gas emission by 10 per cent in Prince George and that there’s potential to shift the region to become a world leader in waste diversion.


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