Alfa Laval - Canadian cement producer Lafarge invest in low carbon concrete

2021-03-09 Product news

Canadian cement producer Lafarge invest in low carbon concrete

Lafarge Canada and Rio Tinto launched a project to find a second life for tens of thousands of tonnes of treated potlining - in construction.

This article is related to Canada’s energy and resources sector. Alfa Laval's separation and heat transfer products are used to reduce water and energy consumption in heavy process operations across Canada, helping our customers reach their sustainability goals.

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“…After being processed into a product the companies call Alextra at Rio Tinto’s Potlining Treatment Plant in Saguenay-Lac-St Jean, Que., the revamped material makes its way to Lafarge’s cement production plant in Bath, Ontario. There, it’s used during clinker production as the required alumina material. The long chain comes to an end when concrete with Alextra-infused cement is put to use on building projects throughout eastern Canada….lucky cement_WP_2015_380.jpg

…The research and development effort has been years in the making. Like other additives — fly ash and silica fume being a couple of the best known byproducts added to cement in Canada — Alextra will cut down on the need to mine or source raw materials to produce cement..…”

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