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Alfa Laval’s state-of-the-art factory in San Bonifacio is open for customers

Alfa Laval’s purpose-built brazed plate heat exchanger (BHE) factory in San Bonifacio, Italy was inaugurated by Alfa Laval’s Group Management and Board of Directors in September, during their annual Strategy Days Conference. These new facilities, an important part of the Alfa Laval Industry 4.0 strategy, combine cutting-edge innovation with record manufacturing capacity.

Today’s answer to tomorrow’s energy transition challenges

The new San Bonifacio factory will play an important role in helping Alfa Laval fulfil our commitment to a clean-energy future. It’s a tough goal that cannot be achieved unless Alfa Laval helps our customers grow their businesses and transition away from fossil fuels, at the same time as those customers help their own customers — and the planet — do the same.

The doors to greener energy are open. So is our invitation to Alfa Laval customers.

The need for energy-saving thermal equipment is growing fast, thanks to increasing demand for efficient, sustainable solutions in the heat pump, air conditioning, and refrigeration sectors. Alfa Laval is ready to meet that demand, with a sharpened focus on developing hydrogen-based technologies for these global industries.

Along the way, we’re creating more productive collaborations. “The promise of the new San Bonifacio site is that we will continue to advance thermal innovation and deliver new levels of customer experience,” says Fredrik Ekström, President, Business Unit Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers. “Our new facilities will offer so much. Not only are we building capacity, we are also building our cooperation with customers. The factory is already larger and more fully automated than its predecessor in Alonte, and the site has ample room and investment approval for further growth.”

New facilities offer new possibilities—so we can manufacture a better future, today

Alfa Laval knows that today’s customers look for suppliers who are focused on improving energy efficiency throughout the entire production chain, not just in the finished product. That’s why we’ve made our San Bonifacio plant into a showcase of possibility. In addition to new loading bays and forklift-free internal logistics, it also boasts vastly increased capacity, and a digitalized warehouse management system to oversee the flow of materials and goods.

As Alfa Laval’s most modern and sustainable facility, it includes an on-site training centre and the ability to generate 1 MW of power from the solar panels on its roof. It also features an ultramodern laboratory focused on developing renewable/sustainable technologies for the future, as well as other leading-edge products, including flammable and low-global-warming-potential (low-GWP) refrigerants, which can help the heat exchange, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries transition away from high GWP refrigerants. The success of this plant will provide a blueprint for continued development. “We aim to become a reference centre for creating a sustainable society, working together with new talents, new universities, new companies, and new partners to develop innovative technologies that can boost the global transition to clean energy,” says Matteo Munari, Head of Technology Development.

With our customers in mind, Alfa Laval brings the future of manufacturing to today’s challenges

“By automating many of our processes and logistics, and by digitalizing in-factory communication, we have made our workflows smoother and more reliable,” says Massimo Balestrini, Vice President of Operations and Product Group President for BHE/FHE & WHE. “The increased speed, safety, and quality of this smart factory will benefit everyone. We warmly welcome all our customers to join us for a tour. Together, we can evolve tomorrow’s product range, boost the global transition to clean energy — and solve the challenges facing the world along the way.”

The San Bonifacio factory is now open for our customers to visit and tour.

This is Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is active in the areas of Energy, Marine, and Food & Water, offering its expertise, products, and service to a wide range of industries in some 100 countries. The company is committed to optimizing processes, creating responsible growth, and driving progress – always going the extra mile to support customers in achieving their business goals and sustainability targets.

Alfa Laval’s innovative technologies are dedicated to purifying, refining, and reusing materials, promoting more responsible use of natural resources. They contribute to improved energy efficiency and heat recovery, better water treatment, and reduced emissions. Thereby, Alfa Laval is not only accelerating success for its customers, but also for people and the planet. Making the world better, every day. It’s all about Advancing better™.

Alfa Laval has 17,500 employees. Annual sales in 2019 were SEK 46.5 billion (approx. EUR 4.4 billion). The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX.


For further information, please contact:

Therese Tonning, Marketing Communication Manager
Business Unit Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers, Energy Division, Alfa Laval
Phone: +46 46 36 72 09
E-mail: therese.tonning@alfalaval.com



Facts in brief: Alfa Laval in San Bonifacio

Location: San Bonifacio, Verona, Italy
Total site area: 31,000 m2
Production area and logistics: 13,400 m2
Office and laboratory area: 6,000 m2
Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001, and 55001, PED, ASME, and UL


Alfa Laval copper-brazed plate heat exchangers are a compact, efficient and maintenance-free solution for heating, cooling, evaporation and condensing in numerous applications.

Brazed plate heat exchanger solutions

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