2020-03-23 Product news

Oshawa Brewery switches to making hand sanitizers for front line workers

An Oshawa brewery is halting beer production and switching over to making hand sanitizer to help fight COVID-19.

This article is related to Alfa Laval's brewing equipment. Alfa Laval's Heat Transfer, Separation and Hygienic Fluid Handling products are used by brewers, pharmaceutic manufacturers and food manufacturers in Canada.

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“…OSHAWA — All or Nothing Brewhouse is now producing hand sanitizer exclusively for local hospitals, front-line emergency workers and major utility companies…

Last spring, they celebrated the grand opening of a local craft brewery and distillery after transforming a 25,000 square foot former beer store in south Oshawa.

Dornan says it was a "chaotic rush" to get the distillery equipment up and running this week, and to get the necessary raw ingredients in stock. The goal is to move to 24-hour production of hand sanitizer.…”

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Oshawa brewery sanitizer equipment

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