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Natural Refrigerants Virtual Tradeshow

Natural Refrigerants Virtual Tradeshow Alfa Laval Canada

Alfa Laval is going to be a part of the World´s First Global & Virtual Natural Refrigerants Trade Show - on the  1st of September!

Also our expert, Matteo Munari, will have a webinar (Find the webinar information on our training page) about the latest trends and insights within natural refrigerants. 

At the trade show you will be able to chat with our experts and visit our booth while you are sitting in a safe spot at home or in your office.

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Alfa Laval manufactures heat transfer equipment that reduces energy use in refining chemicals manufacturing operations. Alfa Laval also manufactures centrifugal separation, filtration and sulfur-scrubbing equipment able to reduce water pollution and emissions in resource-extraction and resource-shipping operations.


Natural refrigerant tradeshow Alfa Laval booth

Talk to Canadian Experts


Alfa Laval's Canadian expert for natural refrigerants and commercial refrigeration is:

Sandeep Kumar Canada Commercial Refrigeration

Sandeep Kumar
+1 888 253 2226 Ext. 310
Email Sandeep with a question.

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