2020-05-12 Product news

B.C.’s Saltworks announces first order for Ultra High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis industrial wastewater system

The B.C. company’s system will help a manufacturer of advanced materials achieve a 10 times reduction in disposal volume

This interesting article is about Canada’s Industrial wastewater issues. Alfa Laval’s industrial centrifuges are central to systems meant to recover product from wastewater. Alfa Laval’s heat transfer equipment is used to recover waste heat from industrial processes as well.  


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“…RICHMOND, British Columbia — Saltworks Technologies announced the first full-scale order for an industrial Ultra High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis (UHP RO) system with Nitto high performing HYDRANAUTICS™ PRO-XP1 spiral wound membranes rated to 1,800 psi (124 bar)…  


The first full scale industrial client, a US manufacturer of advanced materials, will use the system for a win-win scenario: achieving a 10 times reduction in disposal volume, while recovering clean water for re-use...” 


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