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Ontario Food Terminal to remain in Etobicoke

Preliminary findings on the importance of the Food Terminal in Etobicoke as a key economic hub for Ontario food and local jobs.

This article is related to Alfa Laval's food-grade equipment. Alfa Laval's Heat Transfer, Separation and Hygienic Fluid Handling products are used by food manufacturers across Canada.  


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 “… the initial findings of the government’s review on modernizing and enhancing the Ontario Food Terminal. Early findings show the advantages of keeping its location in South Etobicoke 


farmers, buyers, distributors, consumers, and restaurant owners and they all agreed our agri-food sector is best served by working to improve the Ontario Food Terminal at its current location. This terminal is a key pillar of success for Ontario agriculture and I look forward to working with the industry to help grow our province’s agri-food sector and ensure its long-term prosperity for the next five, 10 and 50 years. 


The Ontario Food Terminal is the largest wholesale produce market in Canada and the third largest in North America and it is the largest wholesale produce market in Canada while serving Eastern Canada and some of the Northern States. Over two billion pounds of produce is sold through the terminal annually. 


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