Saputo suggests solution to US dairy trade dispute

Saputo suggestion Involves a pricing agreement struck in 2016 that restricts US exports of ultra-filtered milk used to make dairy products.

This interesting article discusses challenges to the dairy industry in Canada. The article is related to Alfa Laval hygienic pumps, valves, tank cleaning equipment, heat transfer and seperation equipment - for the Canadian food industry.)

Read the full announcement and article on Plant.ca

MONTREAL — Canada can preserve its dairy supply management system and resolve its trade dispute with the United States over dairy subsidies by ending its domestic milk ingredient pricing system, the head of Canada’s largest dairy processor said....

...While the pricing system has neither been a hindrance or benefit to Saputo, it exacerbates a problem that more solids are available than global demand.

>...Ending Class 7 is out of the question, said the Dairy Farmers of Canada...


Read the full article on Plant.ca


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