Near Alcohol launches from craft and commercial breweries

Near Alcohol launches from craft and commercial breweries

This article is related to Alfa Laval's dealcoholization equipment. Alfa Laval's separation and waste energy re-use equipment are used by commercial breweries and craft breweries in Canada. 

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"...As more mainstream beer companies launch NA options, several craft breweries focused exclusively on the non-alcoholic segment have emerged, including Athletic Brewing (Stratford, Connecticut), Wellbeing Brewing (St. Louis, Missouri), Surreal Brewing (Campbell, California), and  (Canada), among others..."

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Alfa Laval's Dealcoholization Equipment

Alfa Laval Dealcoholization equipmentAlfa Laval has been cooperating with brewers for many years to get more high-value quality beer with less overall investment. 

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Canadian Partake No-Or-Low Beer dealcoholization

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