Brew waste turned into window insulation

Flexible film insulation can now be cultured out of waste beer wart.

This article is relevant to Alfa Laval's separation equipmemt for wastewater in the brewing process. The Brew series of water/solids seperators centrifuges are used in microbreweries as well as commercial breweries in Canada

Read the brief of the article below, the full article is on: globalspec.com

...aerogel engineered at the University of Colorado Boulder is sufficiently transparent for window applications.

... the waste liquid produced during the brewing process. Such beer wort can generate cellulose with the addition of specialized bacteria in a process that keeps the waste out of landfills. The cellulose requires about two weeks to culture, after which a thin flexible film that is about 100 times lighter than glass is fabricated...

Read the full article is on: globalspec.com



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