Canada proposes it's own Safe Foods for Canadians Regulations

Canadians Regulations will be similar to U.S. FSMA

This article is related to Alfa Laval hygienic pumps, valves, tank cleaning equipment, heat transfer and seperation equipment - for the Canadian food industry.)

Read the article on foodprocessing-technology.com, and the Government of Canada's article on SFCR

...the proposed SFCR aligns all foods under a single regulation – consolidating 14 sets of existing regulations into one. Canada's food regulations currently focus primarily on specific commodities. SFCR brings more harmonization of regulatory programs across the food industry – with some differing specifications remaining for products such as meats and produce.

...Once the regulations go into effect, all those who manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package or label food or slaughter food animals, for export or inter-provincial trade, and those who import food will be required to be licensed by the Canadian standards

Although similar to the U.S. Reportable Foods Registry, in order to attain the Canadian license, businesses must attest that they "meet the applicable requirements of the proposed SFCR, including having a preventive control plan (if required)." And meat plants must provide an approved work-shift agreement for activities relating to processing meat products and slaughtering food animals...

Read the article on foodprocessing-technology.com



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