2016-12-19 Product news

High Power Factor Thermoelectric Material Discovered

Industrial waste heat to become a viable electricity source

This article is relevant to Alfa Laval's District Cooling and Heating solutions and heat exchanger products to capture and reuse industrial waste heat in Canada.

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Researchers used a thermoelectric compound composed of niobium, titanium, iron and antimony, to raise the material’s power output density dramatically... The new material has a power factor of 106 at room temperature, and researchers were able to demonstrate an output power density of 22 watts per square centimeter, far higher than the 5 to 6 watts typically produced, he said.

“The majority of industrial energy input is lost as waste heat,” the researchers wrote. “Converting some of the waste heat into useful electrical power will lead to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emission.”

Read the full article on UofH website



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