Spent caustic recovery

Recovering spent caustic can really pay off with reduced purchase, disposal and treatment costs. It can help you meet sustainability and regulatory requirements too. Alfa Laval provide complete, compact, and energy-efficient evaporation systems to achieve caustic recovery. Corrosion resistant design and materials lead to a long service life and higher level of plant reliability, based on our extensive experience supplying caustic evaporation plants to the chlor-alkali industry.

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Compact, and energy-efficient evaporation systems to achieve caustic recovery

  • More compact and energy efficient than competitive technologies
  • Effective evaporation with lower temperature and less corrosion
  • Modular design easily upgradeable to meet changing needs
  • Extensive experience from over 100 caustic evaporation installations
  • Reduction in costs for purchasing of new chemicals and disposal

Recover caustic from your operation to improve the circularity of your process, save money through reduced chemical usage and meet ever increasing sustainability regulations. Alfa Laval can be your partner in this time, money and energy saving process.

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Re-concentrate your caustic solution  to reduce chemical consumption and operational costs! 

Spent caustic is a waste caustic product that is generated in many industrial processes where caustic is consumed. Spent caustic consists of NaOH or KOH, water and contaminants from the process it is used in. When used, the caustic is consumed, partly diluting the concentration. By re-concentrating the caustic solution with Alfa Laval technologies, you can reduce your overall chemical consumption and operational costs.

Spent caustic is typically generated in industrial leaching processes in mining, metals, alumina and downstream manufacturing industries. It is also present in the chemical/refinery industry and textile industry. Further it is also present where NaOH is used for cleaning.

AlfaVap evaporators

Our solution

Alfa Laval systems are designed based on extensive experience in caustic evaporation and with the various contaminants that can be present in the diluted solutions. Our AlfaVap, AlfaCond and AlfaFlash products offer many benefits including:

  • Flexible, available in MVR, TVR and Multiple effect configuration
  • Easily upgradable to meet your changing needs thanks to modular design
  • Significantly lower installation height than competing technologies
  • Less power and steam consumption than traditional shell-and-tube solutions
  • Available in standard modular sizes


Caustic recovery can be a very beneficial process. Let Alfa Laval show you how!

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