Clean energy

Transforming the energy landscape to reach net-zero 

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We offer solutions that help our customers decarbonize and transition to zero carbon shipping. With our expanding sustainable portfolio, we accelerate the shift to emission reducing fuels and technologies. Our offering for clean energy empowers our customers to: 

  • Adopt low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels such as biofuel, methanol and ammonia  
  • Decarbonize with innovative green technologies such as wind propulsion & carbon capture 
  • Control emissions with help of solutions such as PureNOx and PureSOx
  • Ensure compliance with IMO regulations 

Finding tomorrow’s solutions today 

The Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre is a springboard to the future of sustainable shipping. It is a unique facility where we test ideas, equipment, applications and process lines on the scale of an oceangoing ship – with control and convenience that are impossible at sea. This allows us to accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable shipping technologies, emerging alternative fuels and new energy-saving solutions. 

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Fuelling the  energy transition with our alternative fuel solutions 

Enabling the move to methanol as fuel

Alfa Laval's extensive portfolio for methanol as fuel aligns perfectly with the rising demand in the industry. Leveraging our established expertise and experience, we provide reliable and safe solutions for methanol operations.

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Helping you secure the gas advantage

Alfa Laval’s proven technology ensures dependable LNG operations for the gas carriers, maximizing the benefit of LNG as fuel. With years of expertise in LNG solutions, we offer knowledge, equipment & service that enhances safety, efficiency, and emissions reduction.


Biofuels in the fuel line

Biofuels are used on board in the same way as conventional oils, but some of their properties can be unconventional. With Alfa Laval expertise in fuel treatment and conditioning, you can be sure of continued safety and efficiency – despite widely varying biofuel characteristics.

Marine biofuels

Looking ahead to ammonia

As the marine industry explores ammonia as a potential alternative fuel, Alfa Laval is actively engaged in testing and developing solutions to support this future fuel.  Leveraging our expertise and experience, we stand ready to propel the technological advancements necessary for the utilization of ammonia as a fuel.

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Shaping a sustainable shipping future with our innovative technologies  

Sailing into the future with wind power

Alfa Laval and Wallenius have joined forces to supply wind power solutions – both wind-assisted and wind propulsion – to the shipping industry. This energy source provides a revolutionizing alternative, or complement, to fossil-driven cargo vessels.

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Solving the carbon challenge at sea

Alfa Laval is a technology partner for the world´s first project to demonstrate end-to-end shipboard carbon capture at scale. By joining this project, Alfa Laval aims to explore and develop emission reduction technology, to help reduce vessels’ carbon footprint by 2050.

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Efficient heating & cooling for peak performance

With marine industry’s widest portfolio of heat exchangers, our range covers not just conventional fuels, but wide range of alternative fuels such as LNG, biofuels, methanol and now ammonia.

Water and fire

Stay ahead of emission control regulations

Tougher emission regulations are putting the marine industry under pressure to reduce harmful emissions. Our solutions help you reduce NOx, SOx and harmful particles to put you at the forefront of environmental protection.


Sustainable solutions paving way for a net-zero future  

Enhancing fuel flexibility and reducing carbon footprint of the vessel 


Steam & hot water production

Multi-fuel boiler 

Generate steam with our dual-fuel boilers using biofuels, LNG or methanol.

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Fuel supply system 


FCM Methanol

Proven and reliable technology with unmatched performance since 2015. 


Heating & cooling 


Heat exchangers for alternative fuels

Low energy solution with high heat transfer rate for existing & alternative fuels.

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Fuel oil cleaning 

Biofuel-ready separators  

Optimal biofuel separation to prevent low performance & engine wear

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EGR water treatment 


The EGR water cleaning solution for Tier III NOx compliance and Tier II fuel savings.  


Videos and webinars  

Exploring carbon capture


Boiler solutions for LNG as fuel 



Multi-fuel & future-proof boilers


Advancing methanol as marine fuel


Are you switching to biofuels? 



Alfa Laval Marine Service


Worldwide and 24/7, Alfa Laval Marine Service is your path to greater uptime, optimized performance and true peace of mind. Our network is always on call, and our service offering brings reliability, efficiency and compliance throughout your equipment's lifetime.

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