Waste heat recovery

Today’s modern engine systems are considerably more efficient than their predecessors. Yet much of the energy they produce still goes to heat rather than propulsion. By recapturing this energy and putting it to use, Alfa Laval reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.

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From waste heat to added value

Waste heat recovery is a unique opportunity that benefits your bottom line as much as the environment. This is why – with 50% of a main engine’s fuel energy going to heat flow – using exhaust gas to generate steam is so attractive. 

Alfa Laval's Aalborg waste heat recovery systems deliver documented fuel savings and CO2 reductions of up to 14%. Our extensive experience lets us design and install systems that maximize energy gains without any compromise in onboard safety.

Further potential in auxiliary exhaust

As well as recovering heat from main engine exhaust, Alfa Laval is expanding the Aalborg portfolio by focusing on previously neglected sources of waste heat. Today, waste heat recovery from auxiliary engine exhaust can meet steam requirements during port stays, and in some cases even at sea.

Using overlooked heat sources, for example to superheat steam, is a way not only of accommodating energy needs, but also of preparing for emission regulations. Besides cutting costs, the reduced fuel consumption helps limit the generation of CO2.


Steam production and waste heat recovery