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Making your tanker operations more profitable

No matter what types of cargo your tankers carry, smooth cargo operations are the key to their profitability. Having served the marine industry for over 100 years, Alfa Laval has the equipment solutions, knowledge and services to keep your chemical, product and crude oil tankers efficient and safe. Beyond peace of mind, that means more on your bottom line. Our offering for tankers extends from bow to stern, but at its heart are the cargo handling solutions that mean the most for your business. Framo and Scanjet expertise are central components in a strong Alfa Laval portfolio devoted to tanker needs.


Alfa Laval tanker solutions to keep you ahead

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The Framo advantage

More than a half-century after its introduction, the Framo submerged cargo pump is still a unique solution – used by nearly all vessels in the world that handle liquid cargo. Framo cargo pumping systems mean quick turnaround and high vessel utilization.

• Pump any type of liquid cargo, no matter how sensitive or viscous – and switch efficiently between cargoes

• Carry anything from acids to drinking water without cargo contamination

• Strip tanks efficiently while reducing the amount of slop

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Intelligence from Scanjet

Scanjet is the world’s leading manufacturer of tank cleaning equipment, supplying over 70% of the global tanker fleet. Scanjet’s ITAMA (Intelligent Tank Management) concept encompasses every aspect of tank set-up, management and measurement.

• Integrate key aspects of tank maintenance, from tank cleaning to vapour emission control

• Optimize tank cleaning process times to reduce the use of water and fuel

• Monitor level, temperature and pressure in all tanks on board

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Cargo pumping

Framo cargo pumps allow efficient switching between different cargoes. A cargo pumping system must be able to discharge, drain and clean the cargo tanks in an efficient manner to make the vessel ready to receive a new cargo. For safety, the pumps must efficiently empty cargo tanks and associated cargo piping to meet the most stringent requirements – and withstand the tough impact during hours of tank cleaning afterwards.

The Framo cargo pump is a vertical single-stage centrifugal pump powered by a hydraulic motor for safe and efficient operation. All Framo cargo pumps are made in stainless steel and designed with a smooth and easy-to-clean surface featuring a limited number of flanges for a superior ability to pump any liquid. The pump design allows operation with a minimum of liquid in the tank, which saves time spent on drainage and tank cleaning.

Cargo heating

Framo deck-mounted cargo heaters eliminate the need for intank heating coils. The cargo tank interior can be made with a flush tank top free from coils, brackets and clamps, which facilitates quicker stripping with less cargo remaining in the tank. The cargo tank washing can be performed quicker, with less consumption of washing water and less slop handling.

Framo deck-mounted cargo heaters provide high flexibility to heat all traded cargoes, such as heavy fuel oils, oil products, palm oils and other chemicals that may require a gentle heating procedure. The specially shaped heating elements secure easy cargo circulation and have a low surface temperature against the cargo. The high capacity and low pressure drop results in low power consumption during circulation and secures good mixing and heat distribution inside the cargo tank.


Proven safety for volatile cargo

Alfa Laval Smit systems for inert gas production have long led the market when it comes to tanker safety. Multiple inert gas production methods and a modular construction allow a perfect match for your vessel and cargo.

Inert gas production

For decades, Alfa Laval has optimized the safety of volatile cargo under the Smit name. Alfa Laval Smit
systems produce inert gas through a number of methods, adapted to the safety requirements posed by IMO and the classification societies. Most systems use the unique Ultramizing® principle, which atomizes the fuel oil for sootfree combustion, even at partial loads. Over the years, their design has become increasingly modular, which streamlines both their footprint and the installation process.

Heating and cooling for LPG cargo efficiency

Global growth in LPG demand has increased the need for LPG transportation. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are the ideal choice for the specialized cargo handling equipment required on LPG carriers.

LPG cargo handling

LPG loading demands efficient cooling in the cargo condenser. Alfa Laval semi-welded plate heat exchangers are the best technology for LPG cargo condensation and LPG fuel gas conditioning, providing clear benefits in efficiency, robustness and serviceability. Alfa Laval copperbrazed heat exchangers excel as compressor oil coolers, and vessels that also carry ethylene can use them for the refrigerant intercoolers – or choose 100% stainless steel AlfaNovaM heat exchangers if ammonia is the refrigerant.

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Innovating at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

At the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, the solutions and knowledge for working with methanol on board continue to develop. With its 2800 m2 of testing space, this unique R&D facility is providing deeper insights into methanol handling, methanol combustion and more. The efforts will ensure safety and efficiency on tomorrow’s more sustainable methanol-fuelled vessels.

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Equipment and solutions for methanol as fuel

Methanol is emerging as a commonly chosen alternative fuel that can help the marine industry progressively reduce emissions and meet decarbonization targets. Green methanol would add no new CO2 to the atmosphere, making vessels carbon neutral when using it. Alfa Laval is at the cutting edge of methanol solutions – and is ready to partner with you in making the transition.


Sailing ahead for a better future

At Alfa Laval, sustainability is at the core of our business, serving as the guiding principle that shapes every decision we make. We offer solutions and services that empower our customers to decarbonize, save energy and comply with environmental regulations. Our solutions facilitate the adoption of low and zero-carbon fuels, and support the transition to carbon free technologies & smart operations.

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