Spare parts for the FCM Oil

Your Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning Module (FCM) Oil ensures that fuel entering your vessel’s engine meets the engine maker’s strict parameters. So, the spare parts you choose must uphold its critical function. With their reliable high performance, Alfa Laval genuine spare parts are the only ones you should trust to protect your engine and operations.

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Marine Service Why choose Alfa Laval

Why choose spare parts from Alfa Laval?

Guaranteed fit for purpose, Alfa Laval genuine spare parts are engineered to maintain high levels of performance between maintenance intervals. They offer:

  • Optimized system uptime and performance for maximum engine protection
  • Long-term savings through maximized operational lifetime
  • Certified materials in agreement with applicable rules and regulations
  • Quick delivery from our distribution centres around the world

Consequences of the wrong spare parts

Using improper spare parts for your FCM Oil may lead to equipment downtime.In the worst cases, that can result in vessel downtime or lack of manoeuvrability. Even in the best cases, it will result in higher running costs due to engine wear or increased fuel consumption.

Due to the many fuel oils and biofuels in an increasingly complex fuel market, operating your FCM Oil manually is a significant risk, even for a short period of time. Servicing the control system with Alfa Laval genuine spare parts – or upgrading the control system as a whole – is a smart investment in uptime and reliability.

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Spare parts for your FCM Oil

Don’t trust the safety of your engine and operations to anyone but the original FCM Oil manufacturer. Alfa Laval genuine spare parts are developed for easy installation and quick restoration of system performance, and they’re the only ones used by our Alfa Laval Marine Service network.

Turn to Alfa Laval for spare parts that cover all aspects of your FCM Oil, including:

Control system

  • PLC
  • HMI
  • I/O boards
  • Viscosity boards


  • Filter service kits
  • Filter units
  • Electric/hydraulic motors

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  • Alfa Laval Heatpac EHM
  • Alfa Laval CBM
  • Gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers


  • Viscosity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow meters


  • Changeover valves
  • Steam regulating valves
  • Cooler valves
  • Cooling regulating valves

Contact us with your service needs

Alfa Laval Marine Service experts provide all you need to secure uptime and optimized performance from your Alfa Laval equipment. Contact your local sales company or use the link below to request a quote, ask for documentation or inquire about services, parts and support.


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We provide not just immediate support but also a full range of services – digital as well as physical. Turn to us to optimize performance, safeguard compliance, improve sustainability, boost efficiency and secure your peace of mind. You’ll find solutions for every stage of your equipment’s life cycle in our Alfa Laval Marine Service offering.

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