Spare parts for marine gasketed plate heat exchangers

In a wide range of onboard operations, gasketed plate heat exchangers contribute to safety, economy, sustainability and more. Alfa Laval genuine spare parts are the best way to protect their uptime and thermal performance, providing precision and reliability that no other spare parts can match.

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Why choose spare parts from Alfa Laval?

Alfa Laval genuine spare parts are engineered to maintain high levels of performance between maintenance intervals. Plates and gaskets of lower cost and quality not only decrease thermal efficiency – they can cause leakage, damage your heat exchanger or even destroy it. That’s because spare parts are not created equal, as our deep investigation has shown.

For example, Alfa Laval gaskets may contain up to 30% more polymer than other gaskets, which contributes to optimal sealing. And Alfa Laval plates are made using single-step pressing, which ensures uniform strength and thickness that dramatically reduce the risk of fatigue cracking. Only Alfa Laval genuine spare parts for gasketed plate heat exchangers have the correct materials and quality, the exact tolerances and the high durability to ensure lasting thermal performance.

Consequences of the wrong spare parts

As a plate heat exchanger or its performance fails, the risk to your vessel’s safe operation rises. That poses risks to the people on board and potentially to the marine environment. The resulting damage can lead to costs such as:

  • Vessel off-hire: EUR 20,000–100,000 per day
  • Emergency spare parts procurement and service attendance: EUR 10,000–20,000
  • Other intangible costs: possibly EUR 10,000–50,000 per day

By ensuring smooth operations with predicable costs, Alfa Laval genuine spare parts protect you against the extreme costs of unexpected failure. That protection is a smart investment that minimizes long-term expenses.

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Other spare parts

Spare parts for your marine gasketed plate heat exchangers

Don’t trust uptime and thermal performance to anyone but the original manufacturer. Turn to Alfa Laval for all your gasketed plate heat exchanger spare part needs:

  • Gaskets
  • Individual plates
  • Complete spare plate packs – for restored function without heat exchanger replacement
  • Other components such as rubber linings, frame/pressure plates, tightening bolts and port filters

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Alfa Laval Marine Service experts provide all you need to secure uptime and optimized performance from your Alfa Laval equipment. Contact your local sales company or use the link below to request a quote, ask for documentation or inquire about services, parts and support.


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