Preventive maintenance for PureSOx scrubber systems

Your Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber system is an integral part of your vessel’s fuel and emissions compliance strategies. Both depend on your scrubber’s operation, so you should do all you can to protect its uptime and performance. That includes regular care, such as turning to Alfa Laval for preventive maintenance.

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Why choose preventive maintenance from Alfa Laval?

With their in-depth knowledge, Alfa Laval Marine Service experts are the right ones to take proactive care of your PureSOx scrubber system. Using our preventive maintenance offerings will give you:

  • Optimized and reliable equipment
  • Increased uptime
  • Safeguarded compliance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced spare parts consumption
  • Increased equipment lifetime
Customized scrubber service agreements

Customized scrubber service agreements

Alfa Laval Service Agreements are a tailor-made way to lower OPEX and secure scrubber uptime. They combine your choice of services from our broad PureSOx offering, ranging from scrubber spare parts to scrubber connectivity. Over 80% of PureSOx customers take advantage of the peace of mind and predictable annual costs.

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PureSOx Condition Audit

A PureSOx Condition Audit lets you know the actual condition of your scrubber system. We visually inspect it, assess any corrective needs and ensure that the crew is using and maintaining the system effectively.

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PureSOx Exchange Programme

Handle the required calibration of PureSOx PAH and turbidity sensors conveniently, without interrupting compliance. We swap the sensors out when needed, installing replacements calibrated to MEPC specifications.

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PureSOx Exchange Programme: Gas Analyser Module

To ensure you can always prove your compliance, let us handle the regular replacement of the infrared (IR) source in your PureSOx gas analyser module. We swap the entire module for a pre-serviced unit, making the process quick and simple.

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PureSOx scrubber spare parts

Be sure of getting the performance you count on. Choose perfectly matched, high-quality spare parts that maximize benefits and savings from your PureSOx scrubber system.

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Build knowledge and skills to get more from equipment and applications. Alfa Laval provides crew training and more – on board, on site and online.

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How to order services and spare parts for PureSOx

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We provide not just immediate support but also a full range of services – digital as well as physical. Turn to us to optimize performance, safeguard compliance, improve sustainability, boost efficiency and secure your peace of mind. You’ll find solutions for every stage of your equipment’s life cycle in our Alfa Laval Marine Service offering.

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