Dry dock services for Smit inert gas systems

Dry dock services for Alfa Laval Smit inert gas systems differ from those for other equipment. Because your inert gas system is a prerequisite for inspection and maintenance of your vessel, you need to be sure the system performs as it should – long before you actually get to dry dock. We recommend a thorough Condition Audit of your inert gas system, ideally six months ahead. Based on this inspection, we can make recommendations for dry dock kits and essential repairs and/or maintenance.

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Why choose dry dock services from Alfa Laval?

With their deep knowledge and many years of experience, Alfa Laval Marine Service experts are the right ones to care for your Smit inert gas system. By letting them inspect the system in advance, you can be sure that it will perform correctly and efficiently when your vessel reaches dry dock. Our experts conduct a thorough two-day examination, which includes:

  • Complete system testing
  • Testing of all automation parts
  • Opening of the combustion chamber for inspection and corrosion check
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When to arrange for dry dock services

The best time to have our experts inspect your Smit inert gas system is six months before your vessel will dry dock. That way, any issues detected can be resolved before your inert gas system is needed. When it’s time, you can then proceed to dry dock with peace of mind.

Condition Audit

During a Condition Audit, our experts check the components of your Smit inert gas system, fine-tune its parameters and provide instruction for your crew. An extended audit also includes replacement of essential components.

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How to order services and spare parts for inert gas systems

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