Dry dock services for marine fuel oil filters

Dry docking is a perfect opportunity to optimize your Alfa Laval Moatti fuel oil filters and extend their lifetime. In addition, it’s the easiest time to upgrade them to today’s 10-micron filters. Engine manufacturers recommend 10-micron filters to minimize the number of dangerous cat fines that threaten your engine.

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Why choose dry dock services from Alfa Laval?

Alfa Laval Marine Service experts are ready at our dry dock service centres near major shipyards, and they’re the right ones to care for your fuel oil filters. Using our dry dock offerings will give you:

  • Optimized and more reliable equipment
  • Opportunities to improve your equipment and operations
  • Lower operating costs over the next period at sea
  • Increased filter lifetime
  • Increased engine lifetime through better cat fine protection


Performance Audit Marine

A Performance Audit can be seen as a regular health check of the Alfa Laval equipment on board. During a Performance Audit, our service expert inspects your installed equipment with the goal of optimizing performance.

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10-micron filter upgrade

Upgrading to an Alfa Laval Moatti fuel oil filter with 10-micron mesh provides greater protection against cat fines and brings your filtration in line with today’s engine maker recommendations.

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Other dry dock services

We can do even more to make the most of your vessel’s time in dry dock. Plan with us in advance to coordinate maintenance, overhauls and upgrades of multiple types of Alfa Laval equipment.

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Alfa Laval Marine Service experts provide all you need to secure uptime and optimized performance from your Alfa Laval equipment. Contact your local sales company or use the link below to request a quote, ask for documentation or inquire about services, parts and support.


Alfa Laval Marine Service

We provide not just immediate support but also a full range of services – digital as well as physical. Turn to us to optimize performance, safeguard compliance, improve sustainability, boost efficiency and secure your peace of mind. You’ll find solutions for every stage of your equipment’s life cycle in our Alfa Laval Marine Service offering.

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