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Boiler solutions for LNG as fuel

Alfa Laval Aalborg marine boiler solutions are revolutionizing the concept of boilers for vessels that utilize LNG as fuel. Besides ensuring high-efficiency steam production, Aalborg dual-fuel boilers can take on additional functions that simplify LNG operations, such as managing boil-off gas (BOG).

Our primary focus is on safety and achieving an optimal steam balance, while also delivering exceptional performance at reduced costs through enhanced Alfa Laval's global service network with easy access to OEM expertise. Having met thermal needs for over 100 years, Aalborg boiler solutions today offer LNG powered vessels far more than steam.

Compact and simple BOG management

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Compact and simple BOG management

Marine boilers are equipment your vessel needs anyway – either for producing steam or for heating thermal oil or water. Since Aalborg dual-fuel boilers can be fired with LNG, they can take on the additional safety function of managing boil-off gas (BOG) alongside steam and thermal energy production.

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Service ensures safety

When marine boilers provide a vital safety function for a reliable LNG-powered operations, access to knowledge and service becomes even more important. For a century, Alfa Laval has supplied, optimized and supported marine boilers and our Alfa Laval Aalborg experts are available 24/7 – no matter where you sail.

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Aalborg marine boiler product range

Small- and medium

Aalborg OS-TCi

Design pressure: 10 bar(g)

Capacity: 1200–8000 kg/h

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Composite boilers

Aalborg OC-TCi

Design pressure: 10 bar(g)

Capacity: 1200–6500 kg/h (fired section),
300–5000 kg/h (exhaust gas section)

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Aalborg OL

Design pressure: 9 or 18 bar(g)

Capacity: 10,000–50,000 kg/h

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Tailored for success

Talk to us today to discover more about our cutting-edge boilers designed for LNG-fueled vessels or to request a personalized quotation for your specific needs. Alfa Laval is here to assist you every step of the way.

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