Exhaust gas cleaning

Alfa Laval’s marine exhaust gas cleaning solutions help shipowners meet emissions regulations with flexibility and economy. With over 50 years of marine scrubber experience, we provide open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid scrubber systems that lead the way in SOx compliance and are ready for onboard carbon capture (OCC). They are supported by our regulatory insights, water treatment technology and global service – factors that will also be part of tomorrow’s exhaust gas cleaning solutions.

Exhaust gas cleaning

Leading the way in exhaust gas cleaning – for SOx and beyond

  • Over 50 years of experience with marine scrubbers
  • Nearly 15 years of proven SOx compliance
  • Expert insights into SOx regulations, water discharge regulations and ongoing regulatory developments
  • In-house manufacturing and training – plus comprehensive development resources
  • Pursuing new exhaust gas cleaning applications for current and future fuels, including onboard carbon capture (OCC)

Alfa Laval has long been at the forefront of marine scrubber technology. Wet scrubbers have been part of Alfa Laval Smit inert gas systems for more than 50 years, and we led the way in marine scrubbers for complying with SOx regulations. Our very first Alfa Laval PureSOx delivery was a hybrid system, matching the economy of an open-loop scrubber with the future-proof security of a closed-loop scrubber.

As exhaust gas cleaning expands, our leadership continues. Already, PureSOx scrubbers are a stable foundation for future onboard carbon capture (OCC) solutions. Our experience and insights, along with resources like the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, make us an ideal partner for OCC research and more.

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Why choose Alfa Laval for exhaust gas cleaning?

For almost 15 years, Alfa Laval has helped shipowners meet SOx regulations and water discharge limits – even as the rules grow more stringent. Because we strive for future-proof solutions, we have always offered closed-loop and hybrid scrubber options in addition to open-loop scrubber systems.

We continue to improve our solutions, adding innovative features and new scrubber services. Together with our deep knowledge support, these ensure easy compliance with the latest exhaust gas cleaning regulations.

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Blog – insights from our regulatory expert

Regulatory Affairs Specialist Kate Schrøder Jensen is an emissions regulation expert and Alfa Laval’s liaison with MARPOL. Her insights inform our own work, but she also shares them on her blog: The Emissions Compliance Corner. Kate’s posts cut through the confusion, explaining the latest regulatory developments connected to SOx, CO2, particulate emissions, water discharge and more.

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Taking exhaust gas cleaning into the future

As fuels and emissions change, so will exhaust gas cleaning. What is mainly associated with scrubbers and SOx today will soon involve more technologies and targets, including CO2.

Alfa Laval is investing heavily in exhaust gas cleaning R&D, for example at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre. But we are also working with others. One such effort is project ReMarCCAbLE, where we are a technology partner in the world-first initiative to demonstrate onboard carbon capture (OCC) at scale.

Read more about Project ReMarCCAbLE.

Webinar - Carbon capture at sea

In a Marine Talks webinar on 12 January 2023, Alfa Laval’s Jeroen Rosengarten and Stena Bulk’s Vishnu Prakash took a sharp look at the challenges of carbon capture at sea. Watch to learn about the many questions on board and in the ecosystem required to make carbon capture viable. In addition, you’ll hear about steps that Alfa Laval is taking to answer them.

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Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

Innovation in exhaust gas cleaning and wider emissions reduction is well underway at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre. With its 2800 m2 of testing space, this unique R&D facility is providing deeper insights into scrubber operation, new fuels and more. The efforts will secure tomorrow’s compliance and help the marine industry meet its decarbonization targets.

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