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UV or EC? Why your choice of ballast water management technology matters

Decisions in ballast water management shouldn’t be made by default, especially when it comes to your choice of technology: UV or electrochlorination (EC). By raising the right questions, you can lower a lot – from your costs and risks to your operating limitations. Find out why UV treatment with Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 is the smartest choice for ballast water management, even on vessels where EC is today’s norm.

  • Minimize system footprint and vessel modifications
  • Limit shipyard time and investment cost
  • Avoid costly, hazardous and damaging chemicals
  • Maximize operating flexibility and efficiency

UV or EC? Explore the implications

Every choice has an impact. In ballast water management, your choice of UV or electrochlorination (EC) technology can affect not only your investment cost, but also your vessel’s long-term operating costs and flexibility.

CAPEX implications

There can be much more to a ballast water management system than just the system itself – including more cost than what you see in a supplier’s offer. Find out why UV technology is more straightforward than EC, and how that translates into investment savings.


OPEX implications

After the initial costs come those that accumulate over time. Once your ballast water management system is in operation, your original choice of UV or EC technology will make a major difference in how much you spend from year to year. Learn the reasons why.


Business implications

All ballast water management systems have System Design Limitations (SDL) in their type approval certificates. It’s important to keep those system limitations from limiting your trade. Get to know the SDL that govern UV and EC systems, so that you can be free to sail.


Environmental implications

Even systems for environmental protection can involve environmental risk. Learn about the known issues and many open questions concerning EC and other chlorine-based ballast water management technologies – and see why UV is likely to remain the greener choice.


Comparing ballast water management technologies

UV treatment and electrochlorination (EC) are the two main methods of treating ballast water. Deciding between them is more than choosing between physical and chemical ballast water management technologies. It’s deciding which technology will have the least impact on your vessel, operations and crew – as well as your costs, now and over time. This short film explores your options.

Top five selection tips for ballast water management

Pressed for time? This short guide gives you a quick overview of the most important things to consider when choosing a ballast water management solution, including the key choice between UV treatment and electrochlorination (EC).



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Your choice of technology may be the most important one you make in ballast water management. We’d be happy to discuss it with you, in brief or in depth.

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