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Be secure sailing into 2020 - and beyond

Equipment and solutions to meet your challenges

The year 2020 has arrived, bringing with it the global sulphur cap, new fuels and a whole range of onboard issues. Alfa Laval has the solutions and knowledge to help you adapt, from fuel treatment to exhaust gas cleaning. Though they deal with your pressing concerns now, our answers build on 100 years of experience in meeting marine challenges. More importantly, they’ll serve you long into the future.

Canada's Marine Experts


In Western Canada

Derek Gluschenko Regional Sales Manager
derek gluschenko+1 604 734 2225
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In Quebec:

Pierre Gosselin, Directeur des ventes techniques
Pierre Gosselin +1 450 466 1120
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In Central Canada

Vikram Nagpal Regional Sales Manager
+1 888 253 2226, Ext. 338
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For All Marine Systems

John Goswell Marine Division Manager
John Goswell Marine Systems+1 416-297-3410
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Strengthening the fuel line

Low-sulphur fuels place different demands on your engine’s fuel line, which can increase the threat from cat fines. The Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line offers solutions to keep your engine safe – and boost your fuel efficiency.

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Prepare boilers for compliant fuels

No matter if you choose low-sulphur fuels or use a scrubber instead, your strategy will impact your boilers. With 100 years of boiler experience, Alfa Laval can help you adapt your boiler fuel line and prevent operational issues.

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Exhaust gas cleaning

Using a SOx scrubber lets you meet global sulphur cap requirements while retaining your existing fuel economy. Alfa Laval PureSOx is the scrubber system at the forefront, proven effective in 10 years of operation at sea.

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LNG as fuel

A growing number and variety of vessels are turning to LNG as fuel. However, doing so requires effective boil-off gas (BOG) management. Alfa Laval has the expertise and solutions to ensure your safety – simply and economically.

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Alternative fuels

As regulations change and environmental concerns grow, the range of fuel choices becomes ever larger. Alfa Laval can support you not only with traditional fuel expertise, but also with insights and solutions for emerging alternatives.

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Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

Today’s marine challenges will stretch far beyond 2020, and already there are new ones on the horizon. Through strong R&D and close cooperation with customers like you, Alfa Laval is hard at work bringing solutions into place.

Aalborg boiler service


No matter how you approach the global sulphur cap or other key challenges, service should be part of it. From retrofitting equipment to training crews in key operations like fuel management, Alfa Laval service experts provide the solutions, knowledge and 24/7 worldwide support to keep you going strong.

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