Clean emissions

Reducing emissions of crankcase gases from internal combustion engines has a major environmental concern. Alfa Laval's centrifugal oil mist separators will go a long way toward helping you comply with current and future global emissions regulations.

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Eliminate oil from crankcase gas

Utilizing patented and proven Alfa Laval disc stack centrifugal separator technology, the Defender 500 achieves greater than 98 percent cleaning efficiency of crankcase gases. This results in greatly reduced emissions, and for closed crankcase systems offers greater turbocharger efficiency and peak intercooler performance over the life of the gas or diesel engine. The integrated crankcase pressure regulator ensures constant pressure control over the life of the engine. The separated oil is returned to the sump, reducing engine oil consumption.

The Defender is sealed for life so it requires absolutely no maintenance
or service during the engine’s lifetime.

Designed for the toughest duties

The Defender 500 is designed for a built-on-engine installation.

Off-road features make it even more resistant to higher operating temperatures, enabling operation at greater angles of roll and pitch, such as those encountered in marine, military, off road or rail applications. The all-metal casing and hose/pipe connections contribute to its robustness and minimize the risk of fatigue damage.

Built with the environment in mind

The Defender captures the oil from the crankcase exhaust and returns it to the engine sump, reducing oil consumption. No replacement filters are ever needed, so there is no filter disposal either. With a cleaning efficiency greater than 98 percent, this separator notably prolongs an engine’s lifetime, with no external power needed. It has been technically developed to help you meet global emissions regulations today and into the future.