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Unlock the potential of sustainable production

Sustainable production begins with optimized processes. By making every process step as reliable and efficient as possible. By doing more with less. By reducing power and water consumption. By achieving real sustainability at the very core of your business. By letting energy, water and cost savings go hand in hand. Optimize™ by Alfa Laval boosts your existing processes and enables up to 90% savings on water, energy and chemicals with only small and no-risk investments. Optimize™ helps you identify the critical hot spots, where upgrades of processing equipment can make the biggest difference.


OptimizeTM benefits

  • High energy, water and cost efficiency
  • Safe and hygienic production
  • Optimized use of raw materials
  • Reduced downtime, increased productivity



The time to act is now!

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Become a water and energy smart company

Water and energy efficiency is needed everywhere. Upgrading or replacing legacy components with new generation technology holds great potential for improved resource efficiency.

Savings on water and energy go all the way. From water procurement, pumping and heating to circulation and treatment.

A proactive and systematic approach to energy and water management allows you to monitor usage, find critical hot spots and invest in upgrades that make a real difference.

We call it OptimizeTM.

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Why energy efficiency matters

The world is facing an energy and climate crisis. Energy costs are soaring, and solutions that cut energy consumption and carbon emissions right away are the fastest and cheapest way to cope with the situation.

Energy efficiency is the answer. The potential for energy savings in industrial processes is huge. For instance in CIP, where energy is used to heat water or to clean water in recovery systems. When reducing the water consumption during CIP, the energy consumption decreases proportionally.

Saving 90% on water saves 90% on energy and emissions – and 90% on the energy bill. This can be done with the new Alfa Laval ThinkTop.

Why water efficiency matters

Water efficiency has never been more important. Drought and water scarcity call for proactive water stewardship. And saving water means saving energy because of reduces heating pumping and water treatment.

Water efficiency provides license to operate and competitive advantage. Water efficiency is about smart thinking and continuous improvements based on facts. Water efficiency management is a systematic approach to monitoring water usage, finding the critical hot spots and investing in upgrades.

For instance, in CIP, one of the most water-intensive processes in food and beverage production. The Alfa Laval ThinkTop saves 90% on water – and energy. 


The roadmap to sustainable operation

Optimize™ is a collaborative effort between your staff and our process and technology experts. Together, we navigate the path to accelerated sustainability in your production.


1.Onsite survey

We analyze the performance of your current set-up and deliver a report with facts, findings and recommendations for improved water and energy efficiency.

Best fit

2.Finding the best fit

We find the best fit for your applications with specific product recommendations, highlighting potential savings and pay-back time.

Interconnected gears

3. Making it work for you

We agree on installation, financing and maintenance planning with no or minimum disturbance to your production.

What’s to be gained with Optimize?


  • Reduced energy and water costs
  • Low risk investment and short pay-back time
  • Reduced repair costs


  • Reliable operations
  • Roadmap for continuous improvements
  • Consistent approach and benchmark
  • Low failure rates
  • High uptime
  • Proactive approach to maintenance and upgrades


  • Improve energy efficiency and cut emissions
  • Improved water efficiency
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Leadership in sustainable production
  • Meet consumer expectations

Improve productivity and environmental outcomes with sustainable optimization of your fluid handling systems


Looking to cut energy and water costs? Optimizing your process equipment is a sensible and sustainable way to support people, planet and profitability.

If you want to optimize your plant’s performance while boosting profitability, take a look at your Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) systems.


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