Renewable Materials Conference 2023

Fast-track your sustainable scale-up! We have the experience that drives your success

23-25th of May, Siegburg/Cologne (Germany).

We need to move away from a take-make-waste world and adapt a circular, waste-free, way of thinking. That’s why an entire new industry has arrived to recycle today’s waste into valuable materials for tomorrow’s processing as well as using bio-based carbon instead of fossil carbon. Alfa Laval is now using our long experience to support the development of new processes in this field by helping our customers with tricky heat transfer and separation duties.

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Join our workshop on May 23rd

The Net-zero City 2050 – Disruptive Industrial Transformation towards a Defossilized Future

13:00-14:30 CET, Conference room 2 

The following topics till be covered: 

  • How to become truly green by optimized energy recovery
  • Water management in renewable industries
  • Solution to your heavy fouling headache in pyrolysis process
  • Molecule management in renewable processes


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