Customer success stories



Base chemicals production


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Cut investment costs

How a small Alfa Laval heat exchanger made a believer of a Brazilian giant

Increase uptime

Building trust by maximizing plant uptime while minimizing costs

Compablocs ensure process stability in major Czech petrochemical company

How to not let fouling bog you down - Compabloc improves performance in an ammonia plant

Performance Audit and CIP turn sceptics into believers – as the savings add up

Performance Audit optimizes the steam cracker of a global petrochemical company

Predicting gasket lifetime with Alfa Laval Condition Audit for plate heat exchangers

Save energy

Alfa laval Packinox for pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation

C3R Chiller condensers - Raise chiller capacity with Alfa Laval heat exchangers

Compabloc cuts steam consumption in aromatics plant

Heat recovery in a paraxylene plant in Asia - using process energy the smart way

Lean ethylene production

Lower costs. More heat recovery. Less space

Mastering Energy Efficiency in condensing applications

Quench water coolers - improve compressor capacity and reduce cooling water usage 

Valuable heat no longer wasted - heat recovery in a paraxylene plant


Intermediate chemical production


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Cut investment costs

Accurate troubleshooting wins a coveted award for a joint BASF and Alfa Laval team

Alfa Laval Compabloc condenser solves problems in Belgian dichloroethane plant 

Big is beautiful, except for condensers

Crucial positions require compact solutions

Increase production

Compact heat exchanger improves the process for BASF

Indirect heating and cooling in the chemical industry, Deccan Fine Chemicals

Increase uptime

21 good years with Alfa Laval's Compabloc - and counting

A common cause at a petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia

Save energy

Alfa Lavals Compabloc is saving both money and space for Rhodia in Brazil



Polymer and fibres production





Cut investment costs

Alfa Laval helps Arkema cool things down

Increase uptime

Frequent cleaning a thing of the past

Maintenance starting on the drawing board

Save energy

Alfa Laval Compabloc helps solve problems for Sayanchimplast, Russia

Hot and cold water for free


Fine chemical production






Cut investment costs

Compabloc condenser solves VOC problem

Increase production

Lanxess keeps choosing Alfa Laval heat exchangers

More product without increased waste

Two-in-one solution for BASF

Increase uptime

A resounding "yes" for Alfa Laval's Compabloc

Save energy

Alfa Laval Compabloc boosts capacity and cuts CO2 at Dow Wolff Cellulosics in Belgium

Alfa laval heat exchangers cut energy costs at India's largest specialty chemicals plant Balaji Amines