Hydrogen peroxide production

Hydrogen peroxide production requires highly efficient use of raw materials and energy. Alfa Laval has extensive process know-how and a broad range of compact heat exchangers to meet industry needs. Specially designed plates ensure high thermal efficiency and high turbulence, outperforming conventional shell-and-tube units yet taking up less floor space. This cuts operating and energy costs.

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Improving energy efficiency of hydrogen peroxide production processes

The manufacture of hydrogen peroxide calls for the right expertise, equipment and services. To support energy efficiency and sustainability throughout all heat-intensive processes, there’s Alfa Laval.

Alfa Laval offers gasket-free solutions for tough duties such as pre-cooling the oxidizer feed or cooling offgases. Highly suitable for aggressive fluids, our Compabloc, AlfaRex, spiral and semi-welded heat exchangers are compact and highly efficient. These space-saving designs for hydrogen peroxide production save money and valuable resources.