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Marine formations training centers

Marine Global Training Centres

Put theory into practice by running Alfa Laval equipment with hands-on exercises that enhance your learning experience. Our training takes place in various locations such as on board your vessel or at your power plant. We offer training in modern training centers around the world.  

The Alfa Laval Education Centre in Stockholm, Sweden is a central training facility for customers in Europe, where we have held customer trainings for many years and have possibilities to run, dismantle and assemble our equipment.

We conduct marine and engine training at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark, and at the Norwegian Training Centre and the United Marine Training Centre in Manila, Philippines. The trainings in Manila are held by RJH Consultancy  in conjunction with Alfa Laval.

We also offer trainings in Mumbai, India, Houston, Texas, USA and at the Maritime University Shanghai, China.

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