The SterilOhm heating units are based on unique technology using electric current to ensure rapid, uniform heating of pumpable food and beverages.

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Ohmic heating technology is designed particularly for the pasteurization or sterilization of products containing large particles and where it is essential that the final product retains its nutritious values, vitamin content and taste.

SterilOhm heating units are widely used in processing of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, prepared foods, cheese, liquid eggs, ready-to-eat dishes, sauces and juices and can be delivered as a complete, integrated system with pumps, aseptic cooling sections, automation control, aseptic tanks, etc.

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The product is lead into the insulated pipe where it is heated up to the required temperature via two electrodes that transfer the electrical current to the product. Due to the electrical resistance of the product and the Joule effect the electricity heats up all of the product at the same time.