Centralised sampling system

The Centralised Sampling System facilitates sample taking from beer tanks. It is a modular system equipped for taking out samples from up to 12 tanks. Because of the position of the sampling valve on vertical fermenters or bright beer tanks, access to sampling point often requires platforms. The system allows for placing the sample valve at the optimal point for sampling: on the middle of the cylindrical part of the vessel, independent of whether there is easy access to this point or not.


When taking a sample there are two possibilities; either sterile or non-sterile sampling. For sterile sampling of the chosen tank, the “sterile” button is pressed and the pipeline to the sampling panel will be steam sterilised. After sterilising, the pipeline is blown dry with sterile air or CO2. Now the “sampling” button can be pressed and the sample media will flow from the chosen tank to the sample coil at the sample panel. By pressing the “flush” button, the pipeline is hereafter flushed with water, steamed and blown dry.

When choosing non-sterile sampling for non-microbiological samples the first step after choosing the tank, is to press the “sampling” button. The sampling process will then be the same as above but without the sterilisation before the sample is taken. The sample valves and pipelines with other valves are CIP’ed together with the tank. The cleaning process is started by pressing the “CIP” button or by external signal from a PLC and runs automatically according to the pre-selected time.


  • Fully automatic and safe sampling from selected tanks
  • “Fool proof” operation
  • Highly sanitary sampling
  • Economic solution compared to “cat-walk” installations
  • Optimal sampling point position on tank regardless of tank construction and access
  • Simultaneous sampling and or CIP