The AEROSET brewery module is a highly accurate aerator of the cold wort prior to fermentation.

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Providing a highly efficient and repeatable air/oxygen mixture for the cold wort prior to fermentation is vital for the unique character of every beer. The purpose of the AEROSET therefore is to ensure that the oxygen added to the cold wort is dissolved totally and in the desired concentration.

Too much oxygen may result in a large yeast growth that may result in a reduction in ethanol yield. Too little oxygen may result in a slow or “sticking” fermentation.

The AEROSET brewery module therefore has a specially designed mixer/accelerator making sure that the oxygen dissolves rapidly by a combination of turbulent flow and increased pressure.


  • Static mixer providing efficient dissolving
  • Automatic dosing control
  • Sterile air filter
  • Holding tube
  • Pressure control during aeration
  • Sanitary design
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance



Air, oxygen gas mixture or pure oxygen is injected directly into the wort via a specially designed mixer/accelerator, which makes sure that the gas is efficiently dissolved. The required oxygen level is set at the control panel and flow meters.

A control valve makes sure that the exact amount of oxygen is dosed at all times. The module includes arrangement for sterilization of the injected air and a holding cell combined with backpressure valve to secure that all gas is completely dissolved when the wort leaves the module.

A typical application could be dissolving air to exactly 10 ppm into incoming wort at a temperature of 8°C and a pressure of 4 bar (g).