Modules de désaération, ambiant

Brewery module to provide deaeration of water at ambient temperature. Alfa Laval’s Aldox™ range of self-contained and pre-assembled deaeration modules offer hot or cold water deaeration with DO levels down to less than 10 ppb and carbon dioxide efficiency exceeding 95% for any capacity between 10 and 1800 hl/h. Aldox™ adapts easy and efficiently to your needs for capacity, complexity, deaeration level, automation, component selection or any other requirement.


Maximum deaeration, minimum maintenance

  • Automatic control and plug-and-play for minimum site work
  • Sanitary, compact design with low maintenance
  • Stable and reliable operation under atmospheric pressure - no pressure vessels or vacuum pumps required
  • Dissolved oxygen level to below 10 ppb
  • Stripping gas losses of less than 5%
The complete deaeration and wort preparation solution: Aldox™ is a fully automatic, self-contained, factory pre-assembled and tested module for preparing wort and deaeration of water. Plug-and-play functionality ensures a minimum of work on site and Aldox™ can be delivered with a range of complimentary options. Achieve up to 95% energy recovery if pasteurization of water is included. In compliance with food and brewing industry regulations, all components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel with heat resistant seals and designed for efficient CIP through an integrated CIP program.

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