The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module (OCM) provides rapid, effective separation of the oil, water and sludge components in contaminated mineral lubricating and hydraulic oils.

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The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module (OCM) has been designed to rapidly and effectively separate the oil, water and sludge components in contaminated mineral oils used throughout industry for lubrication and in hydraulics. If an emergency arises, even a high level of water can be removed.

The Alfa Laval OCM unit is a modularized system with all the component systems fully integrated and pre-configured on a skid, for easy, rapid installation, and ensuring unattended operation while engaged on oil cleaning duties. At the heart of this compact, easy-to-use equipment is an Alfa Laval solid bowl disc stack centrifuge of supreme efficiency.

An OCM provides continuous purification of oil while the equipment in which it is used is in operation. If required, the OCM can continue operating while the primary equipment is at a standstill.

The importance of clean oil

Clean oil is crucial for the safe, reliable and economical operation of virtually all kinds of equipment that uses oils for either lubrication or hydraulic systems. Clean oil reduces wear and corrosion on all equipment installed downstream, thus helping to avoid breakdowns and cutting back on downtime throughout a plant or installation.

The benefits include lower operating costs due to reduced oil consumption, lower disposal costs and improvements in both product quality and the working environment.


On installe généralement le module de nettoyage de l'huile dans un système de dérivation (by-pass) pour le traitement d'un pourcentage donné du  débit total d'huile contaminée. Une installation cuve-à-cuve est également possible.

La séparation a lieu dans un séparateur centrifuge à pile d'assiettes. Le produit entrant pénètre dans le séparateur centrifuge dans lequel la force centrifuge sépare le liquide en différentes phases.

La plus lourde de ces phases – la boue et l'eau – est projetée à la périphérie du bol. Les composants boueux se déposent dans l'espace des boues et il faut les retirer manuellement à intervalles réguliers. L'huile propre et l'eau séparée sont éjectées en continu.

1. Entrée huile contaminée
2. Sortie huile propre
3. Sortie eau
4. Panier à boues
5. Espace eau
6. Entrée eau d'étanchéité
 OCM - Oil Cleaning Modules