Alfa Laval P2 range of decanter centrifuges provides the most cost-effective and high-performance solution for applications in process industries. The P2 decanters are designed for slurries that are often erosive and aggressive.

阿法拉伐 P2系列卧螺离心机-Alfa Laval P2 decanter centrifuge product image

Alfa Laval P2 heavy-duty  decanter centrifuges are specially designed to work effectively in corrosive, abrasive and otherwise aggressive operating environments. This makes them ideal for separation duties in industries such as steelmaking and mining, and in the production of pulp and paper, coke, chemicals and petrochemicals, pigments, polymers and fertilizers.

Alfa Laval P2 decanter centrifuges establish new benchmarks for separating aggressive industrial sludges and slurries more efficiently than ever before, at the same time as ensuring low power consumption and life cycle costs. Using P2 units makes it possible to:

  • boost revenue because the process components have greater commercial value
  • achieve increased cake dryness and thus reduce the costs of solids disposal
  • recover more of the expensive chemical additives used in separation.

All Alfa Laval P2 decanter centrifuges are available in 2-phase and 3-phase versions, and also in ATEX-compliant configurations. Special sealed and purged versions are available for processing flammable feeds.