Production d'acide sulfurique

Process efficiency is key to the successful production of sulphuric acid. Increasingly, manufacturers look to Alfa Laval for process expertise, reliable corrosion-resistant equipment with outstanding heat transfer efficiency, and broad services to support optimal performance. As a long-time partner to the industry, Alfa Laval helps increase plant efficiency, reduce costs and improve the envionmental performance.


Proven solutions for efficient sulphuric acid production

The sulphuric acid industry faces challenges such as energy efficiency, cost constraints and environmental concerns. With more than 40 years of experience in sulphuric acid manufacturing, Alfa Laval helps address these challenges.

Proven to withstand the harsh conditions of acid plants, our broad portfolio of corrosion-resistant heat exchangers provides outstanding heat transfer required for process efficiency. From weak acid coolers, drying tower coolers and intermediate absorption tower coolers to final absorption tower coolers, product acid coolers, oleum coolers and oleum interchangers, Alfa Laval equipment provides formidable thermal efficiency for heat transfer, heat recovery and other duties associated with sulphuric acid production. What’s more, these come with the added benefits of low installation, operating and maintenance costs.

High performance materials

Sulphuric acid involves highly aggressive operating environments. Alfa Laval has a wide selection of corrosion-resistant plate materials and durable, highly resilient gaskets tailored to fit the most demanding sulphuric acid duties. With vast industry expertise, we help you select the right material to match the sulphuric acid process thereby ensuring reliable operation and uptime.

Profit from waste heat recovery

The substantial quantities of heat released by the large-scale production of sulphuric acid represent revenues to be harnessed. As one of the world’s foremost experts in heat recovery technology, Alfa Laval offers trustworthy technologies and long-standing industry expertise to help you recover valuable energy and put it to commercial use.
The energy recovered with Alfa Laval gasketed and semi-welded heat exchangers can be used to heat boiler feed water for the pre-heating process, supply adjacent plants with energy, or provide district heating to homes and cities. Whatever you choose, there’s minimal investment in, and maximum savings from, waste heat recovery that helps increase your bottom line.