Production d'urée

Reliability, energy-efficiency, reduced costs and environmental stewardship are all critical factors for the manufacture of urea. Alfa Laval can produce specialized urea equipment in all major materials as well as a broad range of heat exchangers and high-speed centrifugal separators to meet urea plant process requirements.

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Using Alfa Laval’s broad portfolio of welded, semi-welded and gasketed plate heat exchangers help optimize the performance of urea production plants around the world.

The Alfa Laval OLMI range of specialized urea equipment easily handles tough conditions, complex installations and critical applications. The range includes urea strippers, carbamate condensers, urea synthesis reactors and scrubbers. Alfa Laval can produce these units in in virtually any major material for use as durable, reliable high-performance urea equipment.

Another solid addition to any urea plant is the compact and highly efficient Alfa Laval Compabloc. This laser-welded heat exchanger can be the ideal choice for use as a compressor inter-stage cooling, ammonia condensation or as a reboiler for the urea stripper due to its superior thermosiphoning effect.

Alfa Laval also has a broad range of equipment for use in the utility sections of the plant, including equipment for wastewater treatment and high-speed separators for lube oil cleaning and turbine condensors.