Sustainability meets EBITDA

Your guide to driving data center cost savings with energy management technology

Rising costs and stricter regulations are moving sustainability to the forefront for data centers.

Demand for data is in overdrive. Ever-increasing capacity and faster speeds are needed — putting the data centers that power them under pressure. Remote data centers and edge data centers are aiming to fill the void but need containerized cooling options to do it.

At the same time, sustainability is also becoming a major focus for data centers, and their financial leaders are facing looming regulations, shareholder demands and rising energy costs.

At the intersection of growing data needs and sustainability goals, there is a business case for change.

Data centers sustainability guide_3.png

In this guide, we’ll dive into:

  • The state of data centers today
  • How data center cooling impacts costs, efficiency, and sustainability
  • The evolution of technology in data center cooling
  • How edge data centers are leveraging containerized cooling
  • The benefits of investing in modern cooling technology
  • How sustainability impacts the bottom line

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