A strategic approach to our journey ahead

Reducing emissions, decreasing water and energy consumption and designing for circularity help mitigate our industry’s impact on our planet and natural resources. 

Our sustainability strategy is divided into four main areas where we can contribute most by improvement.

Within the areas Caring, Committed, Circularity and Climate, Alfa Laval has set long and short term targets which are followed up through KPIs to ensure continuous progress and to meet potential challenges through action.

Where applicable, we encompass the whole value chain in our ambitions including how the products and technologies we put on the market contribute to progress. 



Carbon neutral

We strive towards becoming carbon neutral across the value chain 

In focus

  • Scope 1 emissions
  • Scope 2 emissions
  • Scope 3 emissions

Learn more about Carbon Neutral 2030 at Alfa Laval


Circular business

We are dedicated to safeguarding the value of natural resources throughout our value chain

In focus

  • Efficient manufacturing
  • Extending product life span
  • Reuse/recycle


Safe inclusive culture

We promote a safe, inclusive culture both within our company and in our relationships with external partners

In focus

  • Health & Safety
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Human rights


Ethical business

We are committed to honest, respectful and ethical conduct within our organization, as well as in all external business relationships

In focus

  • Business Principles
  • Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption
  • Whistleblowing

Targets and target achievements

Alfa Laval’s sustainability and social targets aim to drive efficiency and behavioral change to achieve better results in the long term. The table below shows the company’s sustainability targets. 

Asset 15.png   CLIMATE

Target year
Trend to achieving target based on results 2021
Carbon emissions 50% reduction scope 1 & 2 emissions 2023 (base year 2020) circle-green.png
Carbon emissions Net zero scope 1 & 2 emissions
50% reduction scope 3 emissions
2030 (base year 2020) circle-yellow.png


Asset 13.png    CIRCULARITY

Target year
Trend to achieving target based on results 2021
Energy 5% improvement in energy efficiency (MWh/k direct hours) 2023 (base year 2020) Asset 17.png
Water 5% reduction of water consumption in sites located in water scarce areas 2023 (base year 2020) circle-green.png
Water 100% recirculation of water in sites located in water scarce areas 2030 circle-yellow.png
Waste 85% recycling of waste Recurring circle-yellow.png
Waste Zero waste to landfill 2030 circle-yellow.png
Chemicals No hazardous chemicals used Recurring circle-yellow.png
Materials 30% of products from recycled materials 2030 circle-yellow.png


Asset 7.png   CARING

Target year
Trend to achieving target based on results 2021
Diversity 35% female employees 2025 circle-yellow.png
Diversity 25% female managers 2025 circle-green.png
Diversity <70% homogeneity (gender and nationality) in highest management groups 2025 circle-green.png
Health & Safety 30% Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) 2023 (base year 2020) circle-red.png


Asset 14.png  COMMITTED

Target year
Trend to achieving target based on results 2021
Ethics 100% of employees trained every two years in Business Principles, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption and whistleblowing Recurring circle-yellow.png